Your website represents your company and should look its best, work correctly, and be fast. A beautiful website is useful to keep and retain visitors, but if your website is slow, they may lose interest and move on. Especially on mobile devices where performance plays a big role in the experience a user has with your website.

There are many things that can be done technically to improve your website’s performance. The only way to tell though what needs to be done is to test the website with various tools. We will run these tests against your website and let you know how well it performs. We will then propose a number of changes that we can make to improve your website’s performance. These tests will be rerun to ensure the changes are working and show how well your site performs.


A database is the foundation of most software. If it is performing badly, it can affect many areas of your application such as the website, batch processes, report generation, and so forth. This poor performance can have negative effects on employee productivity, custom experience, and cost you a lot of money.

We have 12+ years of experience working with relational databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, IBM DB2, MariaDB, Oracle, and PostgreSQL. At their heart a database is a collection of tables with the rows representing records and each column holding some type of data. Essentially a spreadsheet, but far more complicated and much more powerful. Having it work efficiently is one of the keys to proper database performance.

We will review your schema which is the structure of your database. How the tables are made, columns are defined, indexes into the table and their primary keys. After a thorough review, changes will be proposed and can be made if you wish. We will then setup query logging and look for poor performing queries and determine why they are taking too long to complete. Again, more changes will be proposed and can be implemented by us or your staff.

In addition to these types of changes, we are able to look at how your programs and programmers are using the database. Many times some simple changes in the programming code such as PHP, Java, or C# can have a big improvement on the performance of the database server. We look forward to helping you resolve your performance problems.


Our specialty is in working with all things Amazon. Whether it is their web services (AWS), their marketplace services for sellers (MWS), or their product advertising (PAAPI), we have many years of experience in creating software that works and performs well with Amazon. We can integrate your software and systems more closely with Amazon’s and help automate the tasks so that you save time, money, and avoid errors that result when doing a task manually.

The programs we write can be run on your servers, on Amazon’s EC2, or on our own servers if you would like us to maintain everything. Our goal is to help your business and not pile a lot of technology and jargon on you. You want your business to run better, and that is going to be our focus. We will make recommendations based on your requirements that could help you get a lot more than expected. We have worked with many sellers that were looking for a small improvement and realized that they could get so much more. We will help you get the best solution for your company. And with our knowledge of how Amazon works, you won’t have to explain everything to us like you would a traditional developer.


Custom software can enhance your business in many ways. By eliminating errors, improving throughput, and eliminating repetitive work, you can save money and increase income. As software development experts, we can create a solution for your business that will give you these benefits at a reasonable cost. Our experience with Amazon’s marketplace systems as well as their cloud computing platform allows us to create solutions that scale, integrate beautifully with Amazon and other marketplaces, and give you benefits that you can see right away. We have worked with small family based companies on up to those doing over $1B per year. We can handle the project ourselves or work with your staff as a subject expert and help make your project a success.